Engage Ministry Formation

Ministry is an important aspect in the life of everyone who follows Christ. Engage Ministry Formation gives our students the opportunity to serve others and develop their ministry skills.

The requirements for Engage Ministry are planned as learning experiences which bring the student into vital relationships with people.

With this in mind each student should enter into his Engage assignment wholeheartedly and perform his tasks as unto the Lord. The Engage office will assist students by helping to plan practical experiences in line with the students’ vocational goals.

Students should be open for guidance and constructive criticism from cooperating pastors and advisors.

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Engage Ministry Opportunities

Local Churches

Many opportunities are available to students in local churches. Each week students fill places of ministry in churches of various denominations.

Students are encouraged to fulfill their Engage Ministry requirements in a church of their own denomination, whenever possible. Opportunities available in local churches include the following:

  1. Assistant pastor
  2. Minister of music
  3. Sunday School teacher
  4. Child evangelism director; Children’s worker
  5. Church musician
  6. Visitation team member

Inner City Ministries

  • Main Street Chapel – Main Street Chapel ministers in a variety of ways to the people who live in downtown Cincinnati. The chapel offers a Sunday morning service and Sunday evening service (only for community people and those students specifically invited by the pastors). Weekday activities also occur under the direction of the pastors.
  • Laurel Homes Kid’s Club – Laurel Homes Kid’s Club ministers to the children who live in the area of Cincinnati known as Laurel Homes, which is a government housing project. Children who attend the Sunday afternoon Kid’s Club get to listen to Bible stories, make crafts, participate in games, and have snacks. The focus of the ministry group is to be an example for God and to teach the kids about Him.
  • Prayer Station Ministry – The Prayer Station ministry utilizes a special Prayer Station booth that is set up every week the team goes out. The purpose of this ministry is to let people know that God loves them and wants them to come to Him.
  • Wesley Chapel Mission Center – This is a non-profit organization that runs an after school program, providing a safe and educational environment for inner city kids after school hours. GBS students are able to get hands-on ministry training and teaching experience.

Open Air Campaign

This ministry attracts the unsaved to the gospel by using an interesting sketch board presentation right on the streets. This method literally draws crowds. Students are encouraged to participate in this for Engage Ministry credit.

Instrumental & Singing Groups

God’s Bible School and College has enjoyed many blessings through the talents of its Music Department. Each year the College Choir, Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble (SWSE), quartets and trios perform on campus as well as travel to many churches and camps.

Visitation/Chaplaincy Ministry

The Engage office has partnered with chaplains/volunteer coordinators at several care centers and hospitals around the Greater Cincinnati Area. Available opportunities are:

  • Christ Hospital Volunteer Chaplaincy
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Volunteer Chaplaincy
  • Judson Care Center
  • Queen City Hospice
  • YMCA Volunteer Chaplaincy
  • Christ Hospital Singers

This is a student-led, musical ministry that weekly visits Christ Hospital and sings Christian music in various parts of the hospital. The group is often invited into patient’s rooms to sing for individuals.

Community Service Opportunities

We understand the importance of reaching out to the community in which we are located with the goal of proclaiming Christ through our lives and acts of service. Students are encouraged to get involved with the Mt. Auburn community.

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Hi! I’m Jessica Smith.

Let’s connect and chat about the many ministry opportunities here at the bte365官网地址 campus.

Drop me an email to get started today. I’d love to connect!

513-721-7944 x6321

Hi! I’m Jessica Smith.

Let’s connect and chat about the many ministry opportunities here at the bte365官网地址 campus.

Drop me an email to get started today. I’d love to connect!

513-721-7944 x6321